Welcome to our GGJ page! This year we created Coven. Coven is a multiplayer digital card game with a drafting mechanism. Players embody the roles of witches participating in a gathering from all traditions of witchcraft. From shady caves to misty forests, during these Covens in the wild, witches perform their rituals around a cauldron to impress their rivals and show who is more attuned with the occult and the arcane.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Unity (any product)
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Coven is a drafting card game. Each game, players are given two Boosters of random cards. Each Booster has 10 Rite cards: 1 Unique, 2 Rare, 3 Uncommon and 4 Common. Rarity in Coven is symbolized through the phases of the lunar cycle. Full moon for Unique, half moon for Rare, new moon for Uncommon and no moon for Common. Each Rite card has different effects, according to the Rite’s type (or combination of types) and gives different Ritual Points.

Coven uses two type of cards. Besides the Rites, the second card type are the Ingredient cards. Ingredient cards are drawn randomly from a pool of their own and are thrown in the Cauldron. Players cast their rituals by placing their Rite cards upon Ingredient cards. Ingredients have rarity based upon the phases of the lunar cycle, identical to Rite cards. Players can place their Rite cards only upon Ingredients with the same Rarity. Ingredients are used by all players unless noted otherwise by the Ingredients description. Ingredients give various bonuses to the Ritual Points.



X number of players join a game of Coven. The Draft begins.

One Booster is given to each player. Each Booster has 10 cards (4 Common cards, 3 Uncommon, 2 Rare and 1 Unique). Each player picks one card then gives the rest on the player to the right, and receives a Booster from the player on the left. Repeat this process until the Booster is empty. Then each player is given one additional Booster, repeat process until second Booster is empty. Afterwards each player have 20 cards. That is a player’s Deck.

Players shuffle their Decks then draw 5 cards, this is their opening hand. Maximum number of cards in hand are 10. At the beginning of each turn a player draws 1 card from Deck.

Finally X number of Ingredient cards are placed in the Cauldron. The Cauldron is a shared visible area.

                Turn: The current time when a player plays

                Round: When all players played their Turn


The player who will initiate the round is chosen randomly. Each player can place their Rite cards upon Ingredients and start making ritual combos. Read each Ingredient separately and follow, if any, specific directions of the card.

When a player places a Rite upon an Ingredient, the effects of the Rite take place. Afterwards, if possible, players place more Rite cards on the chosen Ingredient card or they can chose a different Ingredient to continue their rituals.

Calculate the Rite and Ingredient Ritual Points by following the directions on each card. The total number is the number of Ritual Points obtained that turn by the player. Whichever Ingredient was used in the making of rituals is now discarded, and replaced with a new Ingredient card from the Ingredient pool.

When a player has no more plays, or chooses to pass the turn, the next player plays.

When no player can place a Rite card upon an Ingredient, or when all players choose to pass, discard all the Ingredients of the Cauldron and replace them.



When any player reaches Ritual Point score of 30, that player is the winner of the game.

When any player has no more cards to draw from Deck, that player loses the game.

Game Sequence:

First player begins turn
First player draws a card from Deck
First player begins a Ritual
First player passes turn
Repeat until last player passes turn
End of Round.


Programming - Renaldas Zioma

Art Design - Anthony NiL

Game Design - John VLaDMaN

Music - Dimitris Klouvatos

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