Color Hunt

Rituals are actions that must be done in a right sequence. In Color Hunt you must get the colors following the sequence, but your are not alone: you have a rival that will try to stop you from getting the itens before the time ends. Color Hunt is a local competitive game with a fast-paced gameplay. The match is decided in a best of 5 rounds, with each round being divided in attack and defense, i.e., each player alternate between the character and the aim control. The user with the lowest time wins the round. You have 30 seconds to get all the itens. The player controlling the character must get the item with the same color of its clothes. When you get an item your color changes, indicating which item you must get next. Use left stick to control the character and A button to jump. The player controlling the aim must try to slow the character using one of its four weapons: ice (X button), thunder (Y button), grass (A button) and fire (B button). If the player hits the character, the user controlling the character still can defend the attack pressing the identical button used in the attack as fast as possible. If it isn't fast enough than the character will be paralyzed for a amount of time. We hope you enjoy it :D
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Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
- Using Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers on Mac.
Installation Instructions: 

This project works only on Unity 5.3.2 or higher

To open the project, select GGJ16-Rituais folder on Unity.

This project works only on Mac OS X, and with two Xbox 360/One controllers.

Select the SplashScreen Scene and Play to run the game.


- Game Programming and Game Design:

Emanuel A Schimidt

Patrícia Leite

- Art and Interface

Eduardo Stumpf


Game Stills: