Chant Simulatorrr

Chant Simulatorrr is a game about communities that form from ritual. Players use chants to interact with each other and their environments. The original Idea for this game was for there to be a multiplayer game for players to be able to learn spells from chanting phrases in specific orders. These spells would allow players to change their color, size, speed etc. The game would be won when all the spells had been discovered. Players could attempt to communicate spells to each other through their limited chanting abilities. However, The project fell short of having actual spells, but I got the multiplayer and chanting aspects working for the game for the most part. This jam turned into an experiment in building a multiplayer game. The game is still pretty fun to run around and make random sounds with all of your friends! *Note, I made a last minute change to the game to try to get get each player's audio to play through their computers, but now it only plays all of the sounds through the server computer. It originally only played the player's sound locally through their computer, which was a lot more fun when in a room of people with the game, but I wanted to try to get the functionality down so people could still enjoy the game when they aren't all in the same room together. However, I ran out of time to fully implement this, so the sound only plays through the host computer in this build, sorry!
Jam year: 
Gandhi's Game
Story Mode
Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
I used Unity to make this game. I also used Adobe Audition to record the sounds that are used in the chants, and made the texture for the ground using photoshop.
Game Stills: 
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