Cast 'n' Beat

Multiplayer game where you gather mana to prepare ritual casting! Take a seat and help your fellow cultist in the elemental rite. Fill your ritual meter before your opponent and you win! (Do note that this game only has a multiplayer mode... And that this is a technical demo with somewhat limited features, both intentional and whatnot.)
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MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Software used: Photoshop CS, Adobe Illustrator
Installation Instructions: 

1. Download zip-file
2. Extract contents to new folder
3. Locate Index.html and run it (ie. Mozilla Firefox)
4. Enjoy the game with your friend


Game Development: Miikka Lesonen
Game Design: Miikka Lesonen, Annilotta Haataja, Elli Hytti

Artwork: Elli Hytti & Annilotta Haataja
Game Assets: Elli Hytti & Annilotta Haataja

Project Management: Miikka Lesonen
Quality Assurance: Miikka Lesonen, Elli Hytti, Annilotta Haataja
Research: Elli Hytti & Annilotta Haataja

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