Cactus Sandwich

Cactus Sandwitch is a game about doubtfully pleasant rituals of motivational speeches in some large corporations. As the director your job is to keep the optimal excitement of your employees. Be very careful, though. Unhappy people will quickly go home, while too much of exilaration can blow they minds. We mean it literally. Let's do some Cactus Sandwich for our tired workers! What a cactus is doing here? Work hard, play hard, you know. Keybindings: hold "I" - add Power to the potion, hold "J" - add Tendency to the potion, press "L" - reset mixture, press "M" - give workers the potion. The Level of Excitement is dropping at the increasing rate. We need to create a potion of Power and Tendency ("I" an "J" on keyboard). Power will raise the excitement instantly. Tendency will controll how fast the excitement is dropping, or even raising for a moment. Warning! Too much of Tendency in the potion (more that half of the Power) will result in unstable effect -> the Level of Excitement will fall faster. To remove this effect you need to give your employees any stable mixture (more Power, less Tendency). The bar above the workers shows the excitement level. When it turs red it means that the team is unstable. When the level of excitement reaches maximum, or drops below minimum - you lose.
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No retreat, no surrender!
MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)