Make a living by providing services to wizards in a magical bureaucracy! Playing the game: This is a turn-based game. Each turn, wizards come to your agency with their forms. Examine the requirements and time requirements (wizards are often in a hurry), picking jobs that are worthy and avoiding the ones that are too much trouble. Then, send your helper imps to gather the seals. Be sure to complete each job within its deadline, or your reputation will fall. You have 14 days to make the most gold. You lose if your gold or reputation drop to zero. Background: In the distant realm of Deptear, wizards cast spells by filling a requisition form and then collecting the permit seals from the various towers of magic. This has led to the appearance of magic agents, who deal with these intricacies for the wizards, in exchange for coin, of course.
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Gandhi's Game
One hand tied behind my back
MS Windows, Linux / Unix
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Uses the Minim library for audio (included in the download).
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This game was made in Processing 3. Users must install Java 8 in order to play the release versions.

Zip file contains all source files and release packages for Windows and Linux.


“Elevator Muzak” by benjobanjo

“No Hope” by Cleyton Xavier

“Fanfare” by Wolfgang

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