Brew Of Winning

You are a young witch in training. To become a real witch you must perform a sacred ritual and make a Brew of Winning! Pass a test of knowledge and Power to obtain the ingredients needed! OverWorld: Use the arrow keys to fly yourself to one of the two doors and begin the corresponding test. Test Of Power: Collect the ingredients that fly by with your spells! (Arrow Keys)! Down Arrow to switch spells. Oh, and you only get 5 shots so take your time! Test Of Intelligence: A simple matching game. Click two cards and see if they match. If they do they will disappear and you will get points! Timer: There is a timer, go to slow and you will lose points. Losing too many points and you'll be making a brew of losing, not winning! Developer's note: There was a planned third phase where you find out YOU are the final ingredient and show down against your mentor in an attempt to not become part of the potion. ...but that was cut out do to time constraints. We will add it ASAP Please play in 1280 x 800 resolution To Quit press escape from the main menu.
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One hand tied behind my back
MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)
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Unzip, there should be three files. 

   - .Zip Source Code (Unzip to open)
   - .Zip Windows Executable (Probably requires Unity Player and to be unziped

   - Mac Executable (Again probably requires Unity Player)



Tyler Marriott : Minigame Master

John Dobie : Maker Of Awesome Tools and Levels

Mikaela Dobie : Pixel Artist Extraordinaire

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