To the Borealis

A psychedelic experience, a ritual that leads our character to follow paths that will bring him to accept his fate. Only sounds and graphic hints (images that represent lifetime event)can tell us which is the right path to follow. If we take the wrong path, the player "dies" , and we start all over again until we take the right choise. This is our mean of "Ritual", as a series of things to do in a specific order. HOW-TO-PLAY: Press A o go left, D to go right and SPACE to jump
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Gandhi's Game
Story Mode
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Francesco Russo - Developer

Roberta Rappazzo- Developer

Gabriele Cois- Game Designer

Stefano Pindinello- Sound Designer

Paolo Toscani- 2D Artist

Valeria Traverso- 2D Artist

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