Blessed or Cursed

Take part in a battle between two outstanding characters! You and your buddy fight against each other - choose your character and struggle to survive! Go for it! The one who chooses the witch has to defend herself against the believer. She pitches magical cats in his direction to cause the believer's death. The other way around the believer has to pick up pieces of wood and throw these onto the pyre to heat up the fire until the witch is burned at the stake. So the believer has to aim for the witch. If he fails the pyre, the fire will go out – keep it up running! This game ends when one of the characters is dead. Let's play!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Audition,
Installation Instructions: 

This game is constructed for two players playing at the same time.The best resolution for this game is 1920x1080.
the witch: A, D; throw: space
the believer: arrow keys; throw: right control key
He can gather max. three pieces of wood before he throw it.


Lucas - Programming, Concept
Anna - Design, Concept, Project Management
Philipp - Design, Sounds, Concept
Juliane - Design, Concept, Project Management

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