Black Syndrome

A time when magic is Bestowed upon great power of magic. Exhilarated with his gift, he abused his power. No human can't stand against him, even mightiest Empire in the land fall in a matter of day.. the last hope of humanity lies on Father Fist.. A fanatic, a faithful group that devote to kill the shaman. Knowing large number of Father Fist Devoter march upon him. He begin unleash all his power to submittion the world to him.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Phaser.js, JavaScript, Photoshop, Spriter
Installation Instructions: 

Run in Web Browser that supports HTML5 with local webserver


Team Member : 

Wiliem Indy as Team Leader and Game Designer

Win Putu Yudistyar Tatuah as 2D Artist

Gede Ferry Marsellino Halim as 2D Artist

I Gusti Putu Keramas Wiguna as Programmer

I Wayan Safira Sri Artha as Programmer

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