Back To Life

This game about Martin soul, Martin is a doctor, he travel to the someplace he see a necromancer do something about magic and ritual of soul, he don't belive about world of soul, he disdain to necromancer so it's make necromancer very angry, he send curse to dr.martin, it make martin be a soul at night, but after that martin see a grimreaper, he tell to martin "you not ready to die, however if you want to back to your body you must make people scare and belive about soul world then you can back to your body but! you need to your body before next morning else i will take your soul and sure you will real die!"
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MS Windows
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How to play this games, you have be a ghost need to escape from necromancer until morning. Gameplay, you can type up,down,left,right arrow key to moving character on the map and moving pass the people to make them scared, the fear from people it canmake the fear bar , when you have a fear bar to the point you can use power each possession to the people to hide from necromancer (but it useless from grimreaper because he can see you everywhere) Every Hours Gameplay will harder by necromencer so many and you will force the grim reaper, you must survivor from them until morning


Pongsathorn Kiatticharoenporn

Sutthikeiat Bamrunghai

Pratya Suttipapa

Pattarawat Wacharobol

Pattariya Srithong

Somprasong Leepraseart

Widsawakorn Lueyot

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