Arkimyre's Ritual

2D RPG: You take the role of one of 6 playable characters which are skilled in different styles of combat. You are a young man living in a town at the edge of a city names Arkimyre. Explore in a semi-open world area with multiple houses to explore as well as a medium sized town, but be careful, an malevolent wizard has summoned an army to control the City! fight you way through the masses to reach the temple catacombs, the last known safe haven in the city! features: -Turn-based battle system -Explorable environments -Original Music and SFX -6 playable character classes The RPG was an ambitious project for our first ever game jam project but we were happy with what we achieved and got a lot further then everyone thought we would.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Please play in full screen, if you don't, the UI will not be in the correct places around the screen. Weapons, armour, leveling up, potions, and scrolls are all programmed in, but unfortunately we didnt have time to add them in in terms of application. We're hoping to continue working on this project in out spare time and have an inventory system that will allow the player to view their stats and equip armour and weapons that they've picked up throughout the world.
Installation Instructions: 

Just click on the .exe file and enjoy some high quality menus and music! and maybe some combat... if you can find it that is.


Director / Project Manager / Programmer: Cian Larkan

Head Artist / Character Design: Shane Ross

Conception Artist: Cormac Keane

World Asset Artist: Wale Kunle

Head Programmer: Gareth Condron

World/Level Designer: Michael Payne

Composer / SFX Designer: Joao Luis


We'd like to thank Pulse College for hosting us in the campus.

We'd also like to thank to following people for supporting us and helping us with problems we were having throughout the project:

John O'Brien, David Williams, Basil Lim, Luiz Santos, Paul Fahey.



Game Stills: 
Source files: