You are a lizard named Aerenius and you are attempting to attend a ritual, but you seem to be too late. The game is a fun little time killer.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
We used and Jypeli.
Installation Instructions: 

You have to install microsoft XNA and install Jypeli, which are found from

and then just open your visual studio and open the file called Argogdrinia.csproj (path you neet to follow: open folder Argogdrinia -> open folder Argogdrinia -> open file Argogdrinia.csproj). When file is open in the program you can find a button "Start" and by clicking it you can start playing.


Juha Vedenjuoksu (Player character and it's animations)

Janne Vedenjuoksu (random sprites, little coding)

Johannes Horila (programming and coding)

Jaakoppi Horila (level overlay and animating)

Source files: