A game about making twitch like you. Appeasement is a mix of an exploration based game and a horde mode game, about appeasing the gods, aka people watching you on twitch. With a bit of pretentious artsy indie game mixed in too. A round in Appeasement goes like thus: The player spawns in the world. The player must explore the world and find the gem-thingy and bring it back to the altar. They have until the round ends to find it and sacrifice it, otherwise the game ends and the world ends, etc. After sacrificing the gem, the gods, aka Twitch viewers, get to vote on whether they're appeased by the sacrifice or not. During the round, events will happen. Ones that help you, or ones that hinder you. Whether the twitch gods were appeased by the last round determines whether they're helpful or not. The gods get to choose what events happen to you as well. At least that was the idea. The game is rather incomplete, but is in a very, very basically playable state. The game talks with twitch, however there's no ui to hook it up to your channel chat. It's currently hardcoded to mine... Also there's pretty much no UI, so there's no way for twitch to know what it's voting on, or what's going on. Testable is a better word to describe the game than playable. All the background code was made, but that didn't leave enough time to make it playable. It looks pretty though, so enjoy that :3 I'll expand on it over the next few weeks, and hopefully it'll be playable very soon :D Controls: WASD/Mouse for fps controls Hold right mouse to interact with objects Alt-F4 to quit
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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TwitchIRC plugin from Unity AssetStore -!/content/33021
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Unzip and play!


'errythain - Braycen Jackwitz

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