Ancient Glory

An old soldier retired to a solitary life, ritually mounts his old weapons in order to protect his home from the wilderness. In his attempt to recapture the spirit of his youth, he tries to challenge himself by mounting his rifle blindfolded... the results are unpredictable, but his destiny in the event of failure isn't: Death. The werefoxes target is your cow, if you don't get close they'll not attack you, which is good as their enormous strength will make mincemeat of you in a second; still the cow isn't invincible, with her being your source of sustenance, letting her die surely means a short life. Winning the game will make the next wave of enemies harder. And the struggle that is life goes on as always...
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MS Windows
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GameMaker (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Pixelart made with the help of Blender. Adobe Audition and Photoshop

Simone Cairo - Programmer, Game Designer.

Walter Marino - Game Designer, Audio Designer.

Nicholas Tangel - Game Designer, Graphic Artist.

Francesco Sorace - Graphic Artist.

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