Alchemic RiDuel

A two-player versus card game with a focus resource placement. Place elements on the board to summon your minions. Be carefull, though! If you end your turn without using the elements, your opponent can use them for him- or herself! The game is based on the Wu Xing, the Chinese five elements. Everything is connected. Though a creature may be fire based, to summon it the player will still need wood. Wooden minions, in turn, need water in order to be nourished, yet fire has no use for this. How to play: Players will recieve three action points in their turn to preform various actions. When these run out, the turn passes. The different actions are: Draw a card from the deck; Place an element on the board; Summon a creature by using the elements; Attack using a summoned creature;
Jam year: 
One hand tied behind my back
Linux / Unix, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Our game is made from a Ruby on Rails applications that persists the data on the server side. The client communicates with the server through authenticated AJAX calls. A complete history of all games is continuously saved in a standard MySQL database. Game logic is represented in the game controller, and parameters are part of the models.
Installation Instructions: 

Follow the link on this page. You can create an account and log in.

After you and the person you would like to play against have logged in, click on "Games". Then have one of the players click "Enter new game", followed by the other. The first player will need to refresh after that. Both players should now have a new game in the list, and by clicking on the ID, they can enter.

Have fun!

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