An FPS game, where we control a robot with technological and physical skills, 6 in total. We need to clear our path to the final boss area and choose between 2 different evil villains, AI or metaphysical elder man. W-A-S-D Controls K - Restart Level 1 - Grab Enemy 2 - Pull Enemy 3 - Slow Time 4 - Fire Rockets 5 - Teleport 6 - Hack Drones
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

İnan Evin - Character, Mechanics, UI and Systems Programmer, VFX

Ferhat Tanman - 3D Modeller, Animator, Texture Designer

Sercan Altundaş - 3D Modeller, Animator, Texture Designer

Bahadır Sevim - Tools Programmer

Sanem Tanman - UI Designer

Mücella Çakmak - UI Designer

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