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Eugene GGJ Meet Up
    This is Our second GGJ in a row at this location. We have a vibrant and growing community of friendly developers from all areas of the field. We have regular meet ups and events in town. We are the home of Indie Game Con and bitforest (

We will be providing coffee and dinner for those who attend.

Our Location
Fertilab Thinkubator (

"Supporting the Entrepreneurial Community of Eugene, Oregon
The FertiLab Thinkubator is a nonprofit network that empowers entrepreneurs in Lane County, Oregon by providing coworking and business incubation space alongside mentorship and educational programming. We serve companies and individuals across a wide range of industries, with a particular interest in reaching the biotech community with our lab facilities and equipment."

They have been kind enough to offer up this space to us for many Jams. There are lots of chairs and tables  for you to use as well as power outlets along the walls. Bring your computers,tablets, drawing pads, and any other equipment you would like to use to create games.

*This Jam is open to everyone - Professionals, Indies, Students, and Hobbyist.

* Work alone or on a team

* There will be zero tolerance for intolerance towards another persons race, gender, or sexual preference.

* Be open to giving and receiving feedback

* Be open to helping others

* Come and go as you please. We will be having supervisors running the event 24 hours a day.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me and I am more then willing to help you anyway I can.
[email protected]

- Britt Brady

We will be taking a 10 dollar or higher donation for this event. If you for any reason cannot cover this and would like to attend please send me an E-mail and we will work it out.

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18 plus unless supervised by guardian

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