Yeti Wetiasami (I hear Yeti escaping)

Kimaro (Old Shaman) and Yeti (Young Amazon) are caught by Portuguese Invaders. Without memories or weapons, they want to get away from the portuguese fort, but everytime they face new challenges. They find out that the only way to get away from there is to solve sound puzzles in the rooms to unlock the doors... And never be caught by the Mapinguary.
Jam year: 
Noise Generator
Clueless Parents
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
All tools and technologies are specified in the image.
  • Anderson Matheus Cardoso - Lead audio and Sound FX
  • André Luiz de Azevedo - 3D Artist
  • Caio Benatti Moretti - Programer and Level Design
  • Cleyton Luis Palauro - Tester
  • Faister Cabrera Carvalho - Level Design and 3D Artist
  • Felipe de Campos Gullo - Action figure sculptors
  • Fernando Roberto Hebeler Andrade - Programmer
  • Giuliana Rasmussen do Valle Saes - Game Design, Writer and Voices
  • Humberto de Souza Reque Junior - Game Design, Writer and Voices
  • Kleber de Oliveira Andrade - Lead Programmer
  • Lênon Thomas Teixeira Kramer - Game Design and Antropologist
  • Matheus Alvarez Crivellari - 2D Artist
  • Rogério Alan do Prado - Lead 3D Artist
  • Wladimir Roberto Barbosa - Audio and Sound Fx
Game Stills: