Worst Date Ever

Play as a couple driving together in a car through a city, stranded and broke. The goal is to collect enough money to pay for bridge toll, but watch out! The city is more dangerous than it appears.
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Mac OS X
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This game was created in Aki engine, a 3D C++ game engine created by Nicolas Kent and Brian Smith.
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Currently available on Mac OSX 10.8 +

Download and run: download the .zip file, unzip, and run the file "jam".

Selecting your resolution: you will be prompted to enter your preferred resolution. Enter "0" to default to 1024 x 768. Then enter "Y" for fullscreen or "N" for windowed mode when prompted.

Controls: Use WASD or arrow keys to steer your car. Car is an automatic and always goes forward by default when you are not pressing keys.


Have fun & good luck!


Nicolas Kent - Code, Engine, Design, Project Mangement

Shiu Pei Luu - 2D Art, Character Design

Brian Smith - Code, Engine, Backend, Design

Joanna Stringer - 3D Art, UI, Design

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