Wire Woof

Our city is in danger. There are so many bombs were planted by the terrorist. Our best Bomb Squad based in Indonesia is exhausted and lose consciousness.... "WHAT DO WE DO NOW?", a German Shepherd talked to himself, and starts to defuse the bombs one by one. And if you ask what colour needs to be cut, don't worry; the Bomb Squad leader at headquarter tells you the colour of a cable that must be cut. You just have to worry about one thing. "Dogs are Colour-Blind"... ... How To Play: Only few seconds left. Every cable has different colour. And only the right colour will defuse the bomb. Tap any cable that seems right to you. BUT, you have a vision of a german shepherd which is means, all your world will be in Grayscale (Black and White). Defuse as many bomb as you can. There is no second chance if you failed
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Can I Try?
This is How it Feels
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Adobe Photoshop for making arts Audacity for editing sounds
Installation Instructions: 

Copy .apk file to your any android device.

Open .apk file from your android device and tap install.


This game were made by :

Programmers : Ebin , Sandiodm

2D Artist : Kudo Hahn, Rachmad Edo, Ais

Sound Editor : Kudo Hahn


Thanks to :

- Unity , Adobe Photoshop , Audacity

- Construct 2 game engine for providing free sound effects

- All team we met at Ngalam Game Jam 2015

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