Who is a killer?

Six apartment house with a porch, built five years ago on the outskirts of Bruklinzhuyska. Somewhere in the house you can see the masonry, paint peeling. In one of the windows drying clothes on a clothesline stretched, one of the ropes broke. Near the entrance broken bench and trash can. Sewer, already moth corrosion, ugly scar runs through the house. In general, the place creates a rather gloomy impression Determine what they do now heroes tenants and find the killer before the crime occurs. In the investigation will help you handy tools [icons, slingshots, mint, waste baskets].
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Alena Movsha - Project Manager, Game designer, Illustrator
Larisa Sorokina - Writer, Game Designer
Sergei Bobkov - Unity Developer
Vitaliy Movsha - Sound Design, Logo Design
Igor Shanaurin - Illustrator, Concept Artist
Ilja Borisenko - Tester, Spiritual Rector

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