What Do Wii Do Now?

Series of audio and motion based games using the Wii remote with no visuals. Players solve puzzles by responding to sounds by pressing buttons, moving the remote, etc. Included minigames are soda-can simulator, a maze game, and ping pong. Requires 1 or more Wii Remotes.
Jam year: 
Noise Generator
Eagle Ear
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
uses: C# (with Visual Studio 2013) Nintendo Wii Remotes WiimoteLib (C#) IrrKlang (.net)
Installation Instructions: 

The Executable includes a zip file with the .exe and all the libraries. Extract into a folder and WhatWiiDo.exe

Before running the game, you need to connect Wii remotes to your PC. Make sure you have bluetooth (built-in or a USB bluetooth adapter). Right-click the bluetooth icon and select "Add a Device". Press the red sync button on a wii remote, and it will appear in the device menu as "HID input device" or "Nintendo RVL-CTL-01". Quickly double-click the icon, and click "pair without a code". If you connected correctly, the wii remote lights should keep flashing. Repeat this process to connect up to 7 wii remotes. 

Once your wii remotes are all connected and flashing, start the game. 


Included in the Source file is a Visual Studio 2013 .sln solution. Extract into a folder and open it in Visual Studio!


Mark Trueblood - Producer + Code + Design

Jansen Kantor - Programming

Liam Fratturo - Programming

Oskar Strom - Design + Illustration + Video

Dan Thompson - Sound

Celia Pearce - Design + Management

Source files: