What do we Dodo now?

A top down take on the classic adventure game from The Dead Bird Society. As a dodo, you must make your way through an unknown environment, avoiding danger and finding your way forward in a quest to find out where you are and what you must do now. Find all the ways to send yourself back into extinction!
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

The Dead Bird Society presents:

What do we Dodo now?

A Top Down Flightless Bird Adventure

The Dev team

Game design and Coding: Alexandru Tudorascu

Dodo Designer and Environment Artist: Alex Carman

Lead Environment Artist: Nettie Alevropoulos-Borrill

Storyline and Level design: Junaid White

Soundtrack and SFX: Richard Priday



George the Dodo - Richard Priday


Developer Dedications and Messages

To my cat and dogs and various rodents - N A-B

To all the people to whom I should say thank you - thank you! - AC

To everyone in the credits: Congratulations for being a dodo and dying horrible deaths, or possibly surviving - JW

To Charlie, Michael, Jane, and Jess, without whom I would be at home being grumpy and boring. And Gavin Free for inspiring my bird impression. Ca-Caw! RP

Alex T didn't want to dedicate this to anyone... but since he basically made all of it, we dedicate it back to him! Everyone else


Thanks to GGJ  2015 for allowing us to get together and create this masterpiece

and to you, you're the best. Thanks for playing!