What do we do now, my Lords?

When Lord Hufflebottom dies and leaves huge inheritence, whole family comes to collect tresures of the mansion. But malignant Lord left some special orders for those, who want to get part of his treasure. Each day some tresure will be allowed to be taken, and some forbiden. Take the tresure, and maybe something more. But if the old valet catches you with something you shouldn't have, then you are in trouble! Be the witest, fastest and most fearsome, to grab the biggest bite of the tresure! So, what do we do now, my Lords?
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MS Windows, Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Dawid W. Mika - Composer

Maciej Paluszek - 2D Artist / 3D Artist

Michał Szewerniak - Game Designer / 2D Artist

Robert Trypuć - Programmer

Game Stills: