What Do We Do Now... For A Living. [unfinished]

It's a cool game. It really is, or will be if it is finished. You are in control of a character who has a multiple personality. But don't worry, it's still dormant. For now anyway. You will take control of him / her through out his / her whole life, mostly his / her career and quality of life. If the sanity drops to a very low level, there will be a chance that your multiple personality will emerge. This personality can have a different path / life than the protagonist. But he / she has a mind of his / her own. So, occasionally there will be a chance that he / she will decide the choice on his / her own. So in the end if someone were to ask "What do we (the protagonist and the other personality) do for a living?", there will be lots of different answers. There will be multiple endings. Bad endings such as : death by starvation, death by disease, going insane, etc. Good endings such as: become a successful millionaire, etc. Or special endings such as becoming a high priest of The Temple of Ctulhu. The game is kind of a visual novel / simulation like Princess Maker. But with a little twist. For now, the content & story is minimal, but the system & gameplay are mostly done. It just need someone who will work on the data (and assets). The control is just as simple as point and click.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps, Android device, iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Windows Phone
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Designer: Bawenang R. P. P.

Programmer: Bawenang R. P. P.

Art: Bawenang R. P. P.

Everything else: Bawenang R. P. P.

I would really like to thank this Bawenang R. P. P. dude. Because without him, this game won't be made at all. He's awesome.

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