What Do We Do Now?

Note:This game was made by a 17-year old junior and a 14-year-old freshman, the fact that we finished it is amazing. "Our world is full of death, sorrow, and insanity...so we left for space. Now i know they follow you everywhere" - Unknown The year is 2117, A command station in space has been built for the research and development of alien life. We follow the path of the anestetic scientist, Dr.[REDACTED] who has woken up not knowing what has happened. On August [REDACTED], 2117, patient-137 escaped his cell on level [REDACTED]. it rampaged and killed everyone onboard, leaving nothing but debris and blood, for it consumed eveery drop of human flesh. This creature has a appetite for anything that moves, one that can't be satisfied. The Doctor wakes up to find a complete disaster before him. The Doctor was hit on the head by a loose pipe and was knocked out while fleeing to a safe zone. He is the sole survivor, all his friends, collueges, and his wife are dead. however, her concious somehow has gotten into the Doctor's mind and is the sole drive to keep him going, he must escape, for them, for her... Controls: WASD to move move mouse around for light It knows your there, dont let it see you and if it does, hide, it will kill you. game by Cailen McCarty and Peter Smith
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

just unzip the damn thing...


I'd like to thank Peter for the music, honestly, half of our team didn't show up and I had to really crank this out. I hope you all like it, i cred from frustration making this stupid but great thing.