Intro: One day a spy cat got hit by a taxi while on his first mission. A magical beam of light and color appeared on to him and beaconed him to follow. The cat, now made of light, set paw upon a journey of wonder. Is he trying to get to the after life? Or is a celestial creature with a sadistic streak for murdering things on a rainbow star path. The cat sure as hell doesn't know whats going on. What do we do meow? Keys: Jump - Space Bar Left Shift Button - choose left item Right Shift Button - choose right item How to: Defeat enemies by choosing between two items on the screen. Pick the right item and it will kill the enemy. Choose incorrectly and you'll loose one of your nine lives...also baddies get mega huge!
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Mac OS X

Melissa Erin Wallace: Scenery designs, start screen design, animation, concept design 

Anna Klonoff: Character design, animation, concept design

Dick Czechowski: Programmer, game play mechanics

Charlie Czechowski: Enemy and object design and animation, game play mechanics 

Music: Space Kitten by The Polish Ambassador 

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