What Color Do We Do Now?

There are two games in this project, first is "what color do we do now?" (compile "MainScene.unity"), a multiplayer (two players) for tablets, where a color is presented and you move the RGB sliders to try to guess the right one, the player closest to the RGB colors of the sample is the winner of each round. The second one is called "What Color Do We Do Now? Battle" (compile "GameScreen.unity" scene) is another version of the same RGB color mixing... but this time each player moves one character in the screen, you pick up randomly appeared paint buckets to try to get the color sample... but be carefull, you and your opponent might try to hit you with his paint!, one player uses a XBOX360 controller and the other uses a keyboard. Keyboard controls: move with WASD, shoot colors with left, down and right. Xbox360 controls: move with the analog, shoot with X, A and B (they match the RGB colors!)
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MS Windows, Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

For Android just install the APK.

For Windows just run the executable file, you can exit with ESC anytime.


Gian Franco Conti Rizzo

David Simon Marull Torres


Both from Venezuela!

Game Stills: