Weekend In Oslo

You and a friend somewhat managed to land in Oslo, ready to spend an awesome week end: There's so much to see and so little time! The game is about trying to see as many things as possible, without breaking the bank (Oslo is a very expensive city), while trying to remain happy and fresh. The game is a graphical and textual adventure/strategy simulation written in C and 6502 assembler, running on a 8bit Oric Atmos computer from 1984, and is played with a Joystick. The joystick is used to select options, and at each new location the player visited he will be prompted about What Do We Do Next?
Jam year: 
Eagle Ear
Public Domain Class of 2015
Other digital platform
Technology Notes: 
The game was entirely written in C and 6502 assembler using the OSDK (http://osdk.defence-force.org), a software development kit designed to make it easy to create games and demos for the 1983 Oric Atmos microcomputer. Text editor of choice: Sublime Text 2 Source Control: Perforce Art Editing software: Paint Shop Pro 9 Audio Editing: Wavosaur
Installation Instructions: 

I will update the executable later with a version containing the full emulator, but in the mean time you can just download the recommended Oric emulator (Oricutron) from the official web page: http://www.petergordon.org.uk/oricutron/

Then just unzip the emulator somewhere, run it, press F1 to access the menu, select "Insert Disck 0", choose the GlobalGameJam2015.dsk file, and there you go.

The game can be played with the arrow keys and space bar to fire (or a compatible Oric joystick)


You can also build the project yourself using the submited source code archive, along with the OSDK (Oric SDK):
- Fetch the OSDK at http://osdk.defence-force.org/index?page=download
- Unzip it somewhere, and declare an environment variable pointing to is, such as "SET OSDK=C:\OSDK" (or read the documentation)

To build the project (Windows users):

- Call 'osdk_build.bat', this will run the asset generation, code compilation, floppy building

- Then call 'osdk_execute.bat', this will run Oricutron (the oric emulator) using the floppy you just built

(If you are using Linux, there is a version of the OSDK for it, but it's not packaged.)




Code, Art, Design: Mickael Pointier

Audio (did not have time to implement it, will be in a later version): Jory

Game Stills: