We Must Choose!

A virtual reality single room game based around solitary confinement and psychological conditioning for google cardboard. You wake in a stark white room where a disembodied voice from all around keeps asking 'What must we do now?' in a tone often used with children when they are expected to give a known response to an act...such as 'say thank you' after being given something. The 'we' is a hinted 'you'. A buzzer sounds and you are given a task by the voice which may include simply eating and sleeping, but include puzzles which you may get right or wrong but struggle to work out why you achieve these outcomes. As you progress you will have to work out the 'only' way to 'win' the game but you may not like the outcome.... Hint.....Imagine it was for real!....What 'would' you do now??
Jam year: 
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
VR Dive Sensor plugin for Unity.