The Village of Evil

Welcome to a fantastic and ancient world. The world where a great evil runs wild, threatening to engulf everything. Brave and noble heroes are on their quest to the Dark Overlord's citadel to end his very existence. Once they spot a whole village of cruel and sneaky creatures calling themselves goblins. Heroes are ready to purge the world of this evil in the name of everything they know is right! But what if you ARE one of this village's goblins and don't really think it's a good day to die today? What are you going to do now? Key Features: Players: 1-4 Game time: around 15-20 minutes 122 cards: 80 hero cards and 42 goblin cards each with own with flavor and humor. Hex-based grid with 5 main locations Unique dice faces Quick, fun and random gameplay. Gameplay and development videos:
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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A lot of sandwiches were used in the making of this game.
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