Together we Rise

Together we Rise - TwR is a game about making decisions, group dynamics and a journey. Our game is a text based survival game in which choice making is the main goal. The world is darkness because of overgrown nature and for at least 300 years mankind haven’t seen sunlight. You’ll control a curious group of people that will accompany on your journey to find the light. But that means they have to go up. In our game you’re the leader of the group, and this group will ask you the question: What do we do? You’re playing the game by making choices on problems that need to be solved. But every choice has its own consequences. Because every person is different, so is it as well in our game! Our character haves their own personalities, own skills which they will bring in to respond on the choices that you make. Randomly generated group members and random events, so every play through will be different.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
Homebrew engine.
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