Thumb Raider

This game takes place in a situation where the theme of this Global Game Jam really takes all its meaning. After a recent accident, you have to go to the hospital. However, looks like you're not the only one sick today. The emergency room is filled with old ladies having much more health issues than you. You'll have to wait. Take the place of the guy waiting for his appointment with the doctor. Wait, roll your thumbs together, listen to the old ladies story, kick a soccer ball, think about your place in society, think on how to become a better human being and more.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
Play only with a XBox 360 Controller and be sure to have the volume turned on. Controls: Joysticks: thumbs control Triggers: feet control
Installation Instructions: 

Just unzinp... The codes are in a folder named Scripts.


Catherine Levesque Briand - Animation, Artist

Frédéric Mathieu - Artist

Pierre Mongrain - Programmer - Voice

Pierre Ouellet - Art, Programmer - Sound

Thanks to Phil for the music

Game Stills: 
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