Tender Moments

"Twitch plays Tinder" Play as part of the "hive mind" of the Tinder-Verse. Choose a thread to vote on the next phrase the hive mind will send to the match. If the match responds, score a point. After 10 responses, get two points for each response. At any point enter "sudden death". Bet all of your points that you will "close the deal" or "nuke" the match. If you were right, get 5x points. BE WARNED: OBSCENE CONTENT INCLUDED.
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Noise Generator
Can I Try?
This is How it Feels
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Installation Instructions: 

James - intelligence creation

Q - manual and testing

Jonathan - music

Josh - what you see

Eric - protection

Drew - mouthpiece

Michael - juice n content

Game Stills: