The Sword or The Pop [Version: Tart]

The Sword or The PopTart? The erstwhile player chooses to fight one of three deadly creatures ... but at the same time his or her weapon is selected by popular vote on a webpage! Will you get the sword to defeat the Vorpal Bunnies, or will you be forced to throw PopTarts to survive? What do you do now?
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Can I Try?
Public Domain Class of 2015
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
node.js Angular
Installation Instructions: 

NOTE: Windows batch files are currently broken. We'll upload a fix. As a workaround for the run/setup step, unzip the folder and navigate to the release directory in command prompt. Then run

  • cd node_modules\force5
  • npm install
  • cd ..\..
  • npm install
  • node_modules\.bin\bower install

Then you can launch the application by running:

  • node_modules\.bin\gulp


Our code needs to have a server sitting in the background, so we need to install a bit of tools to get this to work.

Soon, the game will be hosed on In the meantime, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Install nodejs:
  2. Install development toolchains
  3. Download and unzip the zip from the gamejam website
  4. Setup/Run!
    • linux/osx:, then
    • windows: setup.bat, then run.bat

You can play at http://localhost:3000

The audience can participate at http://localhost:3000/audience.html

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