Very fast, playable, dynamic and amazing game ;) This game is answer to the question: What do We do now with Scooby Doo ;) PL: Gra odpowiada na pytanie, co można teraz zrobić wraz z Scooby Doo ;)
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Public Domain Class of 2015
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Technology Notes: 
Game for 8bit Atari Computers like 400, 800, XL and XE. You need real hardware or an emulator but it is extremely not recommended ! (too fast animation). Press Shift to force slower animation (if it is too fast for your emulator). Stereo music where available ;) Written in Action! amazing, very fast language available only for 8-bit Atari. Tools: "Helpme" (Atari), "ED17" (Atari), "JView" (Atari), "GR Block Cutter" (Atari), "GIMP", "Atari800Win Plus 4.0", "RMT", "Far", "Firefox".
Installation Instructions: 

Attach ATR file to Your SIO device or Disk Drive in Your emulator. Reboot Atari and play;)


Music: Voyager

and for Sikor, Mac and mildanach.

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