Starflocks 64

OVERVIEW: Starflocks 64 is an 8 player game focusing on cooperating together as a school of fish. Swimming in groups gives a speed boost making it easier to find food while avoiding predators. Stay as a school, find food to stay alive, and explore the undersea world before you! GAMEPLAY: Each player controls a fish using a single joystick on a standard Xbox 360 controller*, with two players sharing one controller. Players view the school from a top-down perspective as the school descends deeper. You all win the game if any fish reaches a depth of 300m. Move together, spread out in pairs, and employ a variety of other tactics in order to deal with predators hunting for their succulent fish flesh from all directions. Your school will grow hungry and must seek out food to stay alive, or die of starvation. *Four Xbox 360 controllers are required to play this game.
Jam year: 
Noise Generator
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Four Xbox 360 controllers are required to play this game.

Alex Grube - Programming / Design
Eve Addison - Art
Colin Curry - Writing / Design
Greg Aring - Programming / Design
Jonathan Moriarty - Programming / Design
Nathaniel Lam - Programming / Design
Rick Van Tassel - Programming / Design
Ashley Lynn Watts - Music
Chris Kukla - SFX
Philip Edwards - Programming

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