[Standard Procedure]

Colonization spaceship Aurora is falling apart, but we know what to do: we have standard procedures to handle all kinds of situations. Except for a strange glitch affecting the remote operation of the maintenance robots... This game was meant to be played cooperatively by two players on a single computer. The idea was to have some levels requiring synchronization, time limits, barriers and other challenges -- but as it often happens in jams, everything but the game's core was cut out. Still, it was fun to playtest and an extended version might appear in the future. For a greater challenge, try the three-player version: the two people controlling the F1 and F8 keys are blindfolded and a third player must tell them when to act :)
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
This game uses the jaws.js 2D game library.
Installation Instructions: 

To play this locally, you will have to set up a web server (or use something like the python SimpleHTTPServer.) Copy the contents of the "release" folder to a folder that has been configured for web content (depends on your web server.)



- Game Technology -

jaws.js by ippa


- Music and sound effects -

guitar string ominous by nicStage


robot by Sergenious


90 Subatomik Bassline 09 by gunnbladez


Transformers Type SFX 2 by hykenfreak


- Other tools - 

Atom, Inkscape, paletton.com, VLC Media Player


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