Space Panic!

You play the captain of a spaceship who is awoken by a very rude AI in the middle of a long spaceflight. You must save the ship by reallocating power from different ship systems to keep the engines going, and make it to your destination. Inspired by FTL, Space Panic! tries to evoke the feeling of desperation and indecision that comes with losing control of your vessel in the face of extreme danger. Our prototype features a reactive use interface, an interactive resource management system, and a snarky AI to direct your play through. We hope you enjoy our game. If you have feedback, or would like to know more about us, feel free to shoot us an email. Notes about play: The Engines are located at the back of the ship. If you turn them off by accident, you can turn them back on by interacting with them again. Also the quit button doesn't work. Sorry about that! It's possible to win the game very early by simply turn off all your ship's systems except the engines and just letting the game run. We're currently trying to find a solution to speed up the boring stretch of gameplay that follows. Make sure the sound is turned on the hear the music. The third track is currently only accessible my manually toggling the engines off then on. Executable is windows only, we're working on getting a webplayer version up ASAP. Or if you have Unity3D 4.6+ installed, simply download the source files and build the game yourself. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jogue como o capitão de uma espaçonave que é despertado por uma IA bem mal educada no meio de uma viagem espacial. Você deve salvar a nave realocando a energia de diferentes sistemas da nave, para manter os dispositivos funcionando e chegar até o seu destino. Inspirado por FTL, Space Panic! tenta evocar a sensação de desespero e indecisão sentida na pele em momentos de extremo perigo. Nosso protótipo possui uma interface de usuário reativa, um sistema de administração de recursos interativa, e uma inteligência artifical sarcástica que lhe direciona ao longo do jogo. Esperamos que curtam nosso jogo! Se tem algum feedback, ou gostaria de saber mais sobre nós, fique livre pra mandar um e-mail!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator for 2D assets creation Dropbox, for sharing assets between team members.
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