WINNER of Best in Show - Austin! In desperate need of cash? No options left? Turn your despair into dollar signs by playing Japan's hottest Game Show, "SKY CASH MONEY DIVE LIVE!" As you fall from the sky, collect money to pay off those student loans, that gambling debt, or that ransom money to get your child back! Careful not to get your pockets too heavy though, you won't want to know what happens when you make it to the ground. Oh yeah, you also don't get a parachute. Work that one out on your own. Arrow keys: move Z: Release Birds X: Release People Cheat Sheet: Money increases your speed, so the more you collect the faster you'll naturally go. If you see a 'Danger' sign it means that if you reach the end of the dive, you'll go splat. Birds will help offset your speed... as long as you're holding them. However, the longer you hold them the angrier they get. Angry birds will steal your money and fly off, knocking off anyone else you're holding onto. Hostages, er, additional guests on the show will need you in order to survive. If they tumble off-screen, they're goners. You can swoop in and catch them, but they'll make you go faster too. Try to juggle them, keeping them on screen so they can land safely. See how much money you can make (while, you know, keeping your beloved friends and family alive).
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Game Design by Mokushiroku Action Network

Mokushiroku Action Network Team:

John Baxa - Art, Production, Writing

Matthewit Dechatech - Programming

Mark Ebbole - Programming

Tom Thai - Music, Sound Design

Source files: