Sometimes the task at hand may not seem as simple as it appears to be. This is a story of a boy's journey to manhood, as he delves on a quest to save all of humanity. Explore fantastic realms; embark on epic quests; thwart demonic creatures; buy your Dad a leek.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
Programmed in DirectX and C++ Art assets made in Photoshop CC 2014
Installation Instructions: 

If the game doesn't run on your system, download and install these redistributables:


Visual Studio 2013 ( only x86 is required ):



Claire Barilla - Environment Art, Prop Design, Story

Michael Cameron - Sound

Alasdair McNab - Level Design, Story Dialogue

Tom O'Brien - Programming, Sound, Story

Jackson Wong - Character Art & Animation, Prop Design, Story

Source files: