Sh!t Just Goat Real 2: The Chupacabra's Revenge

tactical real time co-op stealth action simulator. You need to work as a team to over come the challenges of each stage. Chivo and Borris must work together to get further ahead.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
3DMAX: To model each player and enemies. MAYA: To make the animations and Rigging. Ilustrator: To make the game interfaces . Photoshop: To make the textures. FamiTracker: To make the music and SFX. Adobe Audition: To edit the music.
Installation Instructions: 

Just Unzip the ShitJustGoatReal2 zip and play the Game!


Or play the Web version



    - Jose de Jesus. AKA: "Ultratroll".

    - Ismael Serrada. AKA: "Leamzi".

Character Design, Music & Sound

    - Daniel Garrido. AKA: "Ui''.

3D Art & Technical Artist

    - Daniel Lezama. AKA: "CamburXP"

    - Rosamar Osorio. AKA: "Sakurachick"

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