Shoe-VermaxZ is a game that describes about process on shoe factory. The main idea is to show how Indonesian people who works on repairing old shoes. By playing this game, we can feel what kind of problem faced by people who works on repairing old shoes we met everyday. But this game haven't finished. Still too much bug on this game. Just be patient when waiting our game is released. :D Ah whatever, just play! :D
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MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
Blender, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Aftereffects
Installation Instructions: 

It's still not ready for full publishing. So, follow the steps to play this game :

1. Extract the Zip File.

2. Play the exe file, DON'T SEPARATE THE WHOLE FILES IN THE FOLDER. Play it inside the folder alongside the other files.

3. Enjoy.


Programmers : Nasyirul Furqon, Aflacha Imadida Rachmata

Artists : Mukhlis Widodo, Achmad Bisri Ismail, Okviandre, Kafi Sukma

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