SheepShifters - Flock with your friends!

Four sheep enter, ONE SHEEP LEAVES! So much fun It's flocking incredible! ***** GAMEPADS RECOMMENDED ****** Crazy Party Game for 2-4 Players (2P on Keyboard, up to 4P on Gamepad) GET SHIFTED: When the moon shines full atop the craggy clifftop, shapeshift at random into powerful WERESHEEP! BUT - who will shift into which form? When?! WHAT DO WE DO NOW? GET FLOCKED: as Bo' Peep - protect the flock & don't let them fall! as Black Sheep - smash 'em over the edge & earn points for knockouts! DON'T BE SHEEPISH: Mash the button for crazy fun, or hold and charge up for massive strategy! CONTROLS **GamePad** - Left stick to move - A button to charge special attack (X button for Playstation controllers) **Keyboard (2 player only)** W,A,S,D and spacebar for P1 Left,Right,Up,Down arrows and Enter/Return for P2 Press SPACE to Progress Screens --------------------------------------------------------------- Soundtrack:
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Made by 4 devs in Unity Pro with FMOD

Tim Taylor - @mortalitygames
Tim Grant - [email protected]
Dan Graf -  [email protected]
Brad Gentle  -  [email protected]

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