Sea Scribes

Sea Scribes is a mobile game of sea exploration and collaborative cartography for an unlimited number of players. One at a time, players control a ship on hunt for the mythical Kraken, navigating around islands and avoiding dangers. At the end of each turn, the current player needs to draw, as best they can, fingers on touchscreen, a map of what they've uncovered to pass on to the players after them. Because as soon as the player passes on the mobile phone and the next player takes control of the ship.. fog has obscured all the sea that had been discovered! Following the tradition of parlour games like Consequences and Telephone, in Sea Scribes players create an increasingly inaccurate and unclear shared map of the sea. They try to decypher what previous players scribbled and try to guide the players after them... or maybe they could just draw an X where no treasure exists.
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Android device
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Unity (any product)
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Our game is an mobile game for android phones.

Copy the SeaScribes.apk to your android phone and install in from your file system. To install it you have to make sure you allow the phone to install non-play-store apps. How this is done differs for each phone.

After installing a app called project is added to your phone. Run it to play the game!


The game 'Sea Scribes' was created by:

Chico Spans (more on
Meggy Pepelanova
Marco Kuis
Mohammed Fadallah (more on
Caspar Severijnen
Simon Karman (more on


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