This game aimed for those children with Intellectual Disability that have difficulties to learn to use arrow keys , as the regular games are to hard for this. The target of this game is to make a very simple game but with aspect of challenging, that created by the different scores that player achieve during playing this game multiple times. The game played by arrow keys, The Hero the Mouse need collect all the cheeses and trying not to touch the Cat. The “punishment” on touch the cat are minimal, it's only move the mouse to start position.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
The game writen with Scratch 1.4 on Linux Mint ,and converted to exe format on windows 7 , with Scratch modification "Bingo". The sounds created with LMMS and edited with Audacity. The sprites created with Photoshop. For Playing the game on linux, need install the scratch.
Installation Instructions: 

exe file without installation

Game Stills: