Say What!?

Party puzzler where one player wears an Oculus Rift, while the other player(s) has to rifle through a physical paper manual, instructing the Rift-wearing player how to solve puzzles within the time limit (often 90 seconds per puzzle). 16 puzzle-rooms in total that come in a random succession (plus an introductory room that always come first). Inspired by "Wario Ware" and "Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes". -----|----- The person(s) holding the papers is/are not supposed to screen-look, but IF playing with kids this can be recommended for an easier playthrough. Made for ages 15 and up (only due to the complexity of puzzles, the content is suitable for all ages). -----|----- Hardest room when playtesting was the one with a pool table and a map. Please report back if you solve it in time. :) -----|----- Please share your thoughts, experiences and discovered bugs with @deekej and/or @binarylegend on twitter. -----|----- Known bug(s) in version 1.8: 1. (rare) A new room will sometimes not load after completing a puzzle. 2. If a room is completed two seconds or less before the time limit is out, the game prioritizes activating the "Game Over"-screen over loading the next room.
Jam year: 
Noise Generator
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 and Gamepad needed. (Tested and developed on Win 8.1 64bit systems with DK2's and Xbox360 gamepads for windows.)
Installation Instructions: 

No installation required, just download and unzip.


A PDF with print-ready manual (For Player 2+) is included in the .zip for the executable.


Programming Björn "Bona" Fyrvall
Design Daniel "Dee-Kej" Kihlgren Kallander
Art Daniel "BinaryLegend" Nyberg

Textures from CGTextures (
Billiard Tables by dpapavas (
Sci-fi Prop Set by Osmic (
Free Pillars Models by yughes (
Picture Frames Library by ulf (
FREE Keyboard and Controllers Prompts Pack by xelu (
Common Controller by Rahazan (
School Chair by 3D4Ds (
Yucca by Gerzi 3D ART (
Boromir by Sean Bean & J.R.R Tolkien


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