Rust'n pieces

Have you ever thought about a post apocalyptic adventure taking place in the rusty moors lurking in shadows awaiting a rust free zone or spreading of the infection of their deadly freakin' rust, gather your forces or your parts to take on your adventure to protect the non-rusting few that are waiting for their salvation.
Jam year: 
Can I Try?
Code for Good (Sponsored by Intel)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
All models were designed with Maya
Installation Instructions: 

Just download the game and run the .exe file !


The game was developed in 48 hours with the proud members of "Overpowered Team":
1 - Mahmoud Aladdin.
2 - Marwan Mohamed.
3 - Osama Elhadidi.
4 - Tarek Ibrahim Abbas.

Game Stills: 
Source files: