We're a two-man team, Jeff and Jimmy, and this jam, we set forth to answer the question "What do we do now!?" As the leader of a party of orcs, goblins, and dark elves, you must guide your group through a perilous dungeon in this infinite runner high-score game! Every time a trap appears, the party raises the alarm and asks "What we doing now!?", or merely "?", until the leader shouts an order! Swipe in the direction of his order to survive the trap! Update: We uploaded a playable web version! We made this game in JavaScript on the GameClosure devkit. It's available on iOS, Android, the web, and anywhere else HTML5 can go! We'll post links when they're on the market!
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash), Android device, iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Windows Phone, OUYA, Tizen device, Generic mobile platform
Technology Notes: 
Created with the GameClosure devkit, an open-sourced mobile-focused HTML5 game engine. Found here, you can use it to run the source code of the game in your browser:
Installation Instructions: 

Follow the instructions on the Game Closure devkit's README here:

Once devkit2 is installed, you can run devkit install in your game project directory to install its dependencies.

Run devkit serve to serve the game in your browser via localhost:9200 ... more info in the aforementioned README!

I'm uploading our native Android APK, but I can also build iOS IPA or a browser build so the game can be played on the web. Let me know if other forms are needed!



UPDATE: uploaded a new zip in the executable section. The first .zip was only the Android APK, the new .zip includes the Android APK, a playable browser build (index.html), and everything else listed in the format specified here:



All game code and visual art are the property of:
 * Jeff Himmelman - twitter: @jeffhimmelman - email: [email protected]
 * Jimmy Griffith - twitter: @rogueSkib - email: [email protected]

The background music was created in a previous game jam between Jimmy, Jeff, and Robert Ellis (@beta_red).

The sound effects in this version are used with permission from Game Closure (@gameclosure) / (@weebyco).

Licensed under Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 version of the Creative Commons License.

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